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Cisiv has been a pioneering developer of technology solutions for pharmaceutical companies for over 15 years, enabling customers to capture deeper levels of information on the use of their products and treatments in real-world settings.

Why choose Baseline Plus?

Baseline Plus was originally developed by working with a leading pharmaceutical company on their requirements for a non-interventional study. This grew very quickly from covering a hundred patients in one country to dealing with over 10,000 patients across 19 countries.

This also involved localising to multiple language versions and different protocol variations. Our experience from this highly successful 9 year study, meant Cisiv continued to build the Baselines Plus Platform. Our Baseline Plus platform now allows Sponsors and CRO’s to run complex large-scale multi-national studies in a simple and cost-effective way.

Key Features

Baseline Plus

Non-interventional studies need to provide a constant stream of useable data from very early stages in order to deliver value in an environment where data is in increasingly high demand.

Baseline Plus is our data capture platform designed specifically for non-interventional studies. It is flexible, so we won’t make you adapt your study to fit the software. It is scalable so we can respond to changing needs.

It is used in global studies by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies who need early access to accurate, meaningful data. Minimal training, high availability and simplicity in use are critical to have real-world studies set up efficiently and cost effectively. These are all fundamental to Baseline Plus.

Early access to clean patient data

Baseline Plus is designed to provide high quality data as early and frequently as you need it. We use multiple methods to help validate and quality check the data at all stages in the process and our unique data quality workflow keeps the process simple for busy doctors and site staff doing data entry. The result is that patient data can be released early, in the knowledge that the data is correct and consistent.

Building an informed community

Our web portal can be used to build a research community between the physicians and study sponsors. It enables sharing of information, reports on study data, distribution of useful news and information to all the people involved. It is a direct channel of communication with everyone involved in the study.

Designed with the doctor, patient and clinician in mind, Baseline Plus is easy to implement and requires minimal user training

It provides support for both local and international studies, and easily adapts to meet protocol amendments and variations, local language needs and specific study requirements.

Baseline Plus creates a powerful communication platform for study groups, supporting fast, validated data entry and improving data quality and work flow. It offers online community features and translation capabilities. Baseline Plus allows researchers and medical professionals to extract meaningful patient data set on demand and at any point during a study, speeding up the process of delivering data back to study investigators.

The goal of Baseline Plus is to provide a highly cost-effective, powerful communications platform for data capture and analysis in post approval studies, making it easy for pharmaceutical companies and research organisations to apply the benefits of electronic data capture to this unique research area.

Working with us

Cisiv’s deep knowledge of real world data and post-approval research has defined our approach to developing Baseline Plus. It also means that we can work with you to support you in meeting your needs in real world research.

Our in-house study specialists can provide study design and build services either for single studies or as an outsourced service provision.

If you would prefer an in-house build, we have a set of knowledge and technology transfer modules that will get you set up quickly with the right software and skills to build studies using Baseline Designer for use on Baseline Plus.

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